Structured Revolution is a company dedicated to consulting in Business Operations through a variety of services to support small and medium enterprises. We focus in areas of operations, administration, and marketing management, as well as providing online courses to help strengthen technical knowledge and day-to-day management of your organisation and its members.

Our most recent focus is on Change and Transition in Business, creating consultancies, workshops and tools to help companies and their stakeholders manage their process more efficiently and positively adapt to changes.

Structured Revolution is characterised by offering services and products that adapt to all of the needs of any organisation in a focused and straightforward way for non-administrators, entrepreneurs, and people of any profession.

Our business model is based on the using the most innovative communication and management technologies to provide our services from the comfort of your office or home, providing all services digitally either live or on-demand.

Thanks to this virtual model, our clients can control their budget and their time. Our services are provided in modules or hourly, creating affordable options for all types of organisations according to their needs.

The mission of Structured Revolution is to provide affordable and uncomplicated Business Operations consulting services for active organisations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs through innovative digital technologies.

Structured Revolution aims to create simplified concepts in Business Operations, standardising our business model for all types of people and companies in a global market through constant change using digital technologies.

  • Promote the importance of the human factor in the organisation

  • Convey the importance of respect, diversity, and inclusion through the organisation and its environment

  • Promote responsible environmentalism

  • Promote methods of effective communication

  • Normalise the concept of Change and Transition

  • Simplify processes and concepts of Business Operations

  • Promote innovation in organisations

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