Business Operations Management means improving administration through policies and procedures to create higher levels of efficiency and dynamism within the company. This leads to maximised profits through balanced and efficient operational management processes.

This practice involves all areas of the company, using resources like staff, materials, equipment, technology, etc. The benefits are cost reduction through elimination of wasted supplies and raw materials, as well as improving efficiency within the total machinery of the organisation. This results in a higher quality product or service for the client and with greater benefit for investors and employees.

Traditional analysis involves looking at the financial statements provided by our accountants. However, most of the time they present a global vision of the organisation to make the accounts more tax-efficient.  They don’t always show the health of each aspect of the business. Unlike accounting-based financial analysis, Business Operations Management presents a real x-ray of what happening.  You will see what is actually happening within your departments, teams, products, and services, from the financial to the operational point of view.

For small-medium businesses, it is too expensive to have an in-house finance and accounting department. Typically we use outsourced accounting services who report on the organisation as a whole. As administrators and business operations managers we must have a more granular picture of the organisation to discover which parts of the business are more or less efficient.

For Structured Revolution, the Business Operations must be carried out with high ethical standards and always focused on a social objective over an economic one. We strive to help all organisations to have a high degree of innovation, adapt to changes in an efficient manner, and be fully committed to the environment to be more environmentally responsible.

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